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There are more small businesses and new entrepreneurs out there than ever before. Lets grow together!

“Business owners are reporting better earnings and reinvesting in their businesses and that’s translating into a rebound in loan demand”, Head of Small Business @ Capitol One Bank


Find Out If We Are The Right Agency Fit For You

Our solutions include {Products} (one time setup) and {Packages} (billed monthly) to small businesses. No monthly contracts required.

Search-Rabbit.com is the ideal agile agency designed for small business launching, growing, revamping and if change is in the air for you then we are a fit. Guided by the H.E.O. Lite proprietary methodology we take User Experience in to your Digital Strategy.

We sell set products for small businesses that after 1000’s of conferences, training seminars, new web and mobile development and teaching at the SBA level the need for solid digital solutions was continual and loud voice.


We know you need agile solutions in a non-contractual environment. We understand you need to make an impression online and a solid income. You are growing your brand, you need solutions that out of the box ready, get you on the map and deliver leads to your doorstep. Search-Rabbit makes it simple. We build and customize your online platforms, we offer monthly maintenance packages and if desired we report every 30 days with insights translated from the data.  One and Done solutions!!

Search-Rabbit does the building, updating, maintenance and reporting for you with a complete digital web strategy in place. You are the client create the content and socially-share away!

Our parent company was constantly meeting small businesses that needed help and didn’t understand digital. Realistically, lets face it digital marketing, social media, paid advertising, content marketing and translating reports into actionable items is a full-time gig in itself.

Blue Blazing Media, which works with brands, conferences, media houses, content marketers, incubators and authors generating over $5 million in annual revenue, recently funded start-ups and selected invited clients.


Most of the most popular big brand names started in someone’s garage.
At Search-Rabbit we have faith in you! We started in the families Community Garden. Somewhere in between the rows of carrots and kale and berry bushes the concept of simplifying down huge intimidate marketing projects because a feasible accomplishment. The diversity of the

With a no haggle approach you know exactly what you are getting, when your getting it and your questions answered. We do the heavy lifting and build for you so you can manage building your business. The important stuff!


Are You A Search-Rabbit Client?

Do You Match The Majority of The Criteria Below?

  • Small business start-up.
  • Revamping your brand online
  • Revenue under annual $5 million
  • Need mobile, web and online solutions setup and you don’t want to learn entire software platform just to put up a background image.
  • You need it within the week. Fast Accurate and Simple!
  • You have your logo and associated colors already defined.
  • You value online security! We use the most secured online systems to manage your data.
  • WE ARE HUMAN. We believe in human contact. Every new potential client starts with a 20 minute digital consult. We discuss your aerial approach. Contact us here to schedule your call.
  • All paying clients on monthly packages receive 30 minute call with your concierge. Bring your questions! View our packages here


Unlike Our Competitors You Also Have Access To:

  • Nationally Recognized Digital Strategist through Blue Blazing Media.
    Listed 2nd in the Top 5 Digital Strategists nationally who can grow your business online.
  • We are owned by Blue Blazing Media, a full service digital consulting and implementation agency. Search-Rabbit.com services small businesses but when needed you will have access to a larger agency, their research dept, a team of 30 and 15 years of solid knowledge and ongoing education.
  • When you are a subscriber, readers receive discounts to conferences, beta access to new software platforms.
  • At Search-Rabbit, we don’t haggle on costs. Know exactly what you are getting and when you are getting it.
  • Avoid being hijacked! You have access to all your logins and passwords at completion of project. We hand them over and don’t hold on to them like other boutique agencies.
  • Each client has a Search-Rabbit Concierge as your main point of contact. They are located in the U.S.A..
  • You can contact us via email anytime and expect a reply within 24 hours! Our average response time is within 2 hours.


How Do You Know If You Are Not A Good Fit For Us

  • Your annual revenue is over $5 million. Our parent company Blue Blazing Media has vast award-winning digital strategies, resources, research and knowledge. They can customized to meet the dynamic needs of large companies with their many moving parts. Get to know them here
  • Recently VC Funded Start-ups. For optimal marketing awareness you need to speak with Blue Blazing Media. They have years of previous experience and are the best bet for you. Schedule a complimentary consult. Contact Blue Blazing Media.
  • You need Content Solutions for your site. Schedule a complimentary consult. Contact Blue Blazing Media.
  • You like working with shady characters on the web. There are many out there but we don’t qualify.
  • You don’t respond to emails promptly. We move fast and accurate and such the communication is swift.
  • Search-Rabbit offers set Products & Monthly Packages designed specifically to boost exposure on the right platforms for your industry for small businesses. If you are larger Blue Blazing Media is your best bet. They offer all sort of custom digital marketing and content media solutions.