Why does a digital marketing or SEO company need access to Google Webmaster Tools (GWMT)  and Google Analytics?

Simple Answer: Accuracy

  • Data – We can’t just make things up. As an agency our successes are built on crunching numbers and big data. Analytics set your baselines and measure successes and monitoring when a process is not working. With hard data, we can identify where you are making the most returns and even where you can potentially make more money.
  • Accurate Estimates –  Having data will give us a better perspective on how much labor will be needed, what kind of elements we need to apply and what technologies will be necessary to achieve your goals. We don’t just magically come up with metrics. Our proposals are factually based.



Sharing Access to your Google Webmaster Tools

  1. Open your browser and go to http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/. You will have to login with your Gmail login and password.
  2. Find your site (Assuming that you already added it in there) and click on “Manage site” and then “Add or remove users”.
    sharing-google-webmaster-Access-SR image
  3. Add the Gmail (Google account) email address. Enter ours (BBMClient{at}gmail{dot}com). Replace the {at} and the {dot} with appropriate symbol.
  4. Select the permission for the newly added profile. Choosing “Permissions” for the newly added profile.


Here are the Differences between Full and Restricted Permissions on Webmaster Tools

If you don’t fully trust the company yet, you can start with “Restricted” (Most options are restricted to “View only”).
{Note:} If you do decide to work with us or already have accepted our proposal you will have to complete this process twice and set (BBMClient{at}gmail{dot}com) to “Full Access”. Don’t worry, our team cannot remove the users and sites.

Google products by nature all work together. Google Analytics hitches on to Google Adwords, Google Webmaster and Google + properties.


Choosing “Permissions” for the newly added profile


Watch The Video:

Google Webmaster Add User & Permissions