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Search-Rabbit’s products are designed for small business or grass-roots start-ups. Our packaged solutions are designed to help you Get (your brand) Found Now! They give you the boost your web properties and brand need to get to the next step in your growth.

Our packages are simple, quickly implemented and give you the option of digital social marketing, online media content and a solid branded web property without you having to learn how online software platforms function. As a robust package we do the heavy-lifting and implementation.

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Search-Rabbit’s “Get Found Now” {Packages}

The Breakdown:

Composed of three elements of digital strategy they are laser-targeted to get your business searchable in search and socially. We cover the setup and include your provided visual branding, logo, confirm locations, web and phone numbers and website.

(Note: not all options apply to all platforms but all information about the client will be install with associated online platform. This is at the discretion of the platform itself.)


Accomplishes the Following:

You can have the greatest website but if no one finds it is useless. It is a billboard on a highway with no traffic.

You need a presence on Social Media, SEO, Content and Display Advertising. This product is not a monthly Search-Rabbit Package this is a Setup Product. We setup relevant associated sites and brand them to match your website for you. This helps you to be findable by new users.


How Do You Know If Our {Packages} Are Right For You?

  • You have a web properties and you know you need more.
  • You don’t have anytime to learn about all the different aspects of online marketing.
  • Your neighbor’s sister’s cousin built your website and now something isn’t working right. (Unfortunately, this happens way too often.)
  • You don’t have an established marketing budget and you know you need help. You have the motivation to use the platforms but you need them setup for you.

When your company grows and you have an established spending budget most of our small business clientele move on to full service agencies that support and nourish your business from the lead to sale cycle.

A full-service digital agency offers all the services online and more. You are assigned a personal consultant. They are staffed with experienced Digital Strategists and Search Engine Certified individuals. We highly recommend Blue Blazing Media, LLC. They are a very customer experience design friendly agency. This means they care about your customers as much as you do.

Schedule a complimentary consult. Contact Blue Blazing Media.

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